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For Adults

Adults over the age of 18 can receive professional help from psychiatrists, medical psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers at the “Lotus Medica” clinic. The clinic offers individual, couple, or family consultations in addition to psychiatric diagnostic testing.

Consultation with a psychiatrist

Several things may be covered in the first doctor-psychiatrist consultation: evaluating the patient’s complaints, assessing their current circumstances and early experiences, determining whether psychodiagnostic testing is necessary, developing a diagnosis, and creating a treatment plan.

In the subsequent consultation, the condition change, the effectiveness and tolerability of the recommended treatment, and the necessity of enlisting the help of other consultants (social worker or psychologist/psychotherapist) are assessed. The creation of suggestions for additional medical care and treatment extension are also included.

Consultation with a psychologist/psychotherapist

A psychologist’s or psychotherapist’s consultation is an effective way of helping children, teenagers, and adults, including the analysis of problematic situations in the family and the social environment. During the consultations, attention is paid to the awareness of the experienced emotions and possible ways of solving the problematic situation.

An essential part of treating mental illnesses in children and adolescents is psychological counseling which involves the kid or adolescent and his family. The process of consultation facilitates the development of an action plan and the discussion of potential problems that might come up during implementation.

Consultation with a psychologist for a family or couple

The causes of poor communication, issues with interpersonal interactions, and potential solutions are all discussed during the consultation with a psychologist. These consultations hold great significance for families or couples experiencing a moment of crisis in their relationship, as well as in cases when one or more family members suffer from addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.). Treatment for problematic children and adolescents can be effectively achieved with family psychological counseling.

Consultation of a social worker

In Lithuania as well as throughout the world, social worker consultation is a service that is becoming more and more needed. When it comes to addiction disorders, this consultation is quite important for the patient as well as his or her family. This is a special method of building therapeutic relationships with kids and teenagers. It is also a way to find answers to a wide range of social concerns, such as those regarding placement in a nursing home or social care facility, legal capacity, analysis of disability and working capacity issues, and information about treatment facilities and necessary treatment services.

Complex consultation of several specialists

Multiple professionals can consult at the same time when a specialist recommends something and the client requests it. For instance, a psychologist or social worker, a doctor-psychiatrist, and a doctor-psychiatrist for children and adolescents. This allows for the creation of thorough recommendations as well as an overall evaluation of the situation and other variables influencing health.

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