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Social workers

Darius Rauktys

Social Worker
I believe that addictions and behavioural problems should be treated, not hidden.
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Our social professionals at “Lotus Medica” clinic provide consultations on addiction-related difficulties to adults, adolescents, and teenagers, as well as their families. Our staff is committed to offering support, regardless of the issue—drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or alcoholism—or behavioral issues including disorderly, unruly behavior that defies social norms.

Our clinic is made up of experts in numerous fields and mental health care professionals, demonstrating not just quick problem-solving and deep comprehension but also a dedication to helping each and every client who comes in for assistance. Our team is prepared to assist people in locating the best treatment, choosing suitable facilities, comprehending disability, and resolving concerns with employment or legal capacity, social care, or stays in nursing homes.

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