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Psychiatrists for children and teenagers

Milda Dubininkienė

Child and Adolescent Doctor-Psychiatrist/Assistant
Each patient is unique, so I try to touch the heart of each patient differently.
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Viktorija Milienė

Child and Adolescent Doctor-Psychiatrist
I think it is very important to involve all family members in the child’s recovery process
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Dainius Juodenis

Adult/Child and Adolescent Doctor-Psychiatrist
Since I see the child as a part of the environment around him or her, I attach great importance to the involvement of those around him or her in the recovery process.
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Evelina Savulionytė

Child and Adolescent Doctor-Psychiatrist
I prefer non-medical treatment. I apply the acquired psychotherapeutic knowledge.
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The importance of early psychiatric help for children

Children’s and adolescent psychiatry focuses on a person’s mental and behavioral qualities from infancy to maturity. Getting early advice from a psychiatrist and following the specialist’s suggestions can help your kid address emotional and behavioral issues, enhance their academic performance, and, most importantly, avoid more significant difficulties later in life.

Consultations with children and teenager psychiatrists

A child and adolescent psychiatrist consults with and treats patients under the age of 18. During the initial and subsequent consultations, the professional specialist assesses the information supplied by the child, adolescent, and their caregivers (parents/guardians), discusses the child’s or adolescent’s current condition, probable reasons of the problem, and necessary treatment methods. The healing process often involves all members of the child’s family, as well as collaboration with the educational institution where the patient attends school.

Child psychiatrists at Kaunas’ “Lotus Medica” clinic give expert assistance not just in crisis circumstances or when dealing with serious mental diseases, but also when it comes to resolving problems linked to anxiety, emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges in children and teenagers.

Psychiatrists at our clinic favor sophisticated therapy options such as consultations with psychologists, social workers, and speech therapists over drugs. Children may be referred for play, music, and art therapy, as well as family consultations and other activities to assist them in dealing with their challenges. Doctors may offer additional psychological evaluations for children if necessary to clarify the diagnosis and assist them in determining the most appropriate treatment approach for each individual instance. Professionals consider administering medication only after they have exhausted all other options for the child’s healing without the use of medications.

What are the reasons for consulting a child psychiatrist?

During the first consultation with a child psychiatrist, we recommend discussing the following areas of concern as needed:

  • developmental disabilities (autism, motor difficulties, communication difficulties, etc.)
  • self-harm and suicidal thoughts;
  • addiction to drugs or alcohol;
  • eating disorders;
  • psychological trauma (loss of a family member, divorce, violence);
  • sexuality issues;
  • problems with concentration;
  • behavioural problems (anger, aggressive outbursts);
  • sleeping problems;
  • psychosomatic disorders (various pains);
  • fears and phobias;
  • emotional difficulties (difficulty adapting to new environments, anxiety, sadness, stress, family, and school problems);
  • difficulties in socialising with others (loneliness, isolation).

Things to know before the first visit with a child psychiatrist?

Prior to the initial session with a child and adolescent psychiatrist, it is critical that both parents/guardians and adolescents have a good attitude, be open and receptive of the services given.

For both the first and follow-up appointments, patients must be accompanied by an adult family member. The first consultation lasts one hour, while the follow-up session is tailored to the family’s needs, lasting between 30 and 50 minutes depending on the purpose for the appointment. The price of the consultation depends on the length of the visit, you can view the price list here.

If feasible, the patient’s parents/guardians should bring reports made by other physicians or experts, or by educational institution personnel, as well as the results of prior examinations to the first meeting. The expert may also request that the youngster bring drawings or other artwork to the follow-up appointment.

Child psychiatrists at Kaunas’ “Lotus Medica” clinic provide treatments both in-person and remotely via an online communication and video chat platform. Live connection with the doctor is critical for treatment development; however, if the family lives in another city or overseas, the doctors at the clinic may readily conduct consultations online.

Don’t be afraid to seek help

It is important to seek professional help when you notice unusual behaviour in your child to prevent more complex problems in the future. If you are looking for urgent help or need a child psychiatrist in Kaunas, the doctors of the “Lotus Medica” team are ready to provide competent help.

We guarantee data confidentiality for all our patients.

To register for a consultation with a child and teenager psychiatrist, please contact the clinic by phone +370 696 59955 or by e-mail info@lotusmedica.lt.

You can also contact our clinic by filling in the registration form HERE. When filling in the form, you can select your preferred specialist, a tentative date for the consultation, and provide additional comments. The clinic employees will reply to your enquiry within the next working day and provide you with up-to-date information about the registration options.

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