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Ingrida Nauburaitienė

Adult Psychologist
I believe that every person has the strength to overcome challenges.
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Indrė Ambraziūnienė

Adult Psychologist
I invite you to recognize your thoughts and decisions in therapy and to collaborate with me to break free from the patterns that are causing your problems.
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Ieva Pečiulienė

Adult Psychologist
I urge the patient to actively participate in psychotherapy and discover new ways of thinking and doing.
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Renata Preikšaitė

Adult Psychologist
I establish a safe space and encourage communication, also I pay attention to how people cope with their challenges.
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Giedrė Išganaitienė

Adult Psychologist
When communicating with the patient, I try to create the warmest, sincerest, and trust-based relationship as much as possible.
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Giedrė Starkevičiūtė

Adult Psychologist
Trust, support, and respect for everyone’s uniqueness are the values that guide me in my work as a psychologist.
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Dovilė Navikienė

Adult Psychologist/Child and Adolescent Psychologist
Speaking with a psychologist can help you gain a better understanding of who you are and the bravery to alter your negative thought patterns and behavior.
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Milita Judzinskė

Child and Adolescent Psychologist
My goal is to work with you to identify the root causes of the issues you face and to jointly come up with workable solutions.
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Monika Medzevičienė

Adult Psychologist
My motto for life: "There is only one true value - the human connection with another human being".
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Laima Tamavičienė

Adult Psychologist
Psychological assessment is a field of work that I am particularly interested in - it enables me to get to know a person.
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Individual consultations with psychologists

Consultations with an adult psychologist are useful while handling difficult situations in the family or social environment. During these sessions, psychologists focus on the feelings that their clients communicate, changes in behaviour or attitude, and the pursuit of positive change. After making the first connection, the psychologist works with the client to determine which course of action is best for the current problem.

How to choose the right psychologist?

One of the most crucial things to think about is learning as much as possible about a specialist in order to acquire the most beneficial consultations. This is important since different psychologists may have different levels of competence in treating relationship issues, such as helping people overcome despair. It’s critical to consider the training, experience, and areas of interest of the expert when choosing in addition to depending on reviews, family recommendations, and gut feeling. These elements make clear the particular problems in which the psychologist specializes.

“Lotus Medica” clinic in Kaunas offers competent, trained and, most importantly, sincere specialists who are willing to help their clients, whether in need of a psychologist for an individual consultation or a relationship psychologist for a couple. Consultations are available not only in Lithuanian, but also in English, and may include such issues as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, crisis situations, addictions, divorce, lack of motivation, and other issues relevant to the client.

Advice before the first visit with a psychologist

Before visiting a psychologist, it is recommended to identify the problem that is most pressing for you. If at the beginning or during the consultation you start to feel uncomfortable feelings such as frustration, anger, don’t be alarmed, your emotions will change over time as you get closer to the psychologist, because during the consultation, the psychologist creates a safe space for you to share your experiences and emotions. You should change your psychologist if you feel uncomfortable during your consultations.

Online consultations – is it possible?

In addition to offering emergency consultations, psychologists can offer ongoing advice to clients who are unable to attend in-person sessions through online consultations. When someone wants to discuss their issues with a specialist in their mother tongue, finds it difficult to attend appointments because of illness or self-isolation, or finds it difficult to receive psychological help in their hometown or while living overseas, remote consultations can be very helpful. Because of this, the private psychologists at the “Lotus Medica” clinic in Kaunas accept customers for sessions both in-person and virtually. Seeking the assistance of an online psychologist is a quick and efficient option to have problems resolved right away.

Consultation between couples

In contrast to solo sessions, a couples psychologist delves more deeply into the relationship between the two individuals, assisting clients in better understanding their partner’s needs, expectations, and feelings. The primary topics of discussion during the consultation are interpersonal relationship issues, the reasons for poor communication, and potential fixes. When is it appropriate to seek the advice of a couple’s psychologist?

Can a consultation with a specialist help save the relationship?

A couple psychologist may be required if any of the following situations exist:

  • the relationship is in crisis and one or both partners are thinking about ending it;
  • the couple is tense and frequently at odds;
  • one partner has difficult-to-solve complex issues;
  • finding common ground and making compromises is difficult;
  • the relationship feels strange most of the time.

Relationships within a couple or family is an ongoing process between two people, so when difficulties arise, a couple’s relationship psychologist can only help to improve the quality of communication, to find a compromise in conflict situations, and to understand each other better. A psychologist requires both couples’ dedication and readiness to work through issues jointly in order to salvage a relationship or marriage; they cannot do so on their own.

Don’t be afraid to seek help

The correct expert can support good improvement, help you discover inner peace, and assist you build confidence while you are facing challenges.

Psychologists at Kaunas’ Lotus Medica clinic may be reached at Statybininkų St. 16 in Kaunas. The Google Meet video chat platform allows you to have online consultations with the psychologist of your choosing. Note that individuals eighteen years of age and older are the only clients the clinic’s adult psychologists can see.

A couple’s appointment at the Lotus Medica clinic in Kaunas costs more than an individual consultation because it lasts longer for two people (see the price list HERE).

Call the clinic at +370 696 59955 or write by e-mail info@lotusmedica.lt to schedule the consultation time and make any necessary payments in advance for remote calls.

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